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Dude Perfect at Bon Secours Wellness Arena

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live on tour

When these five friends uploaded their first YouTube video of them performing trick shots in 2009, they could have never have guessed what their stunts could turn in to. Fast forward to now and Dude Perfect have amassed over seven billion views and 41 million subscribers on the video-sharing site. Catch the five-piece as they hit the road, bringing their hilarious antics, amazing tricks and live battles to you!

Made up of Tyler Toney, Coby Cotton, Cory Cotton, Cody Jones, and Garett Hilbert, Dude Perfect have become one the biggest sporting and comedy channels on YouTube. All former High School basketball players Dude Perfect use their skills to make the seemingly impossible possible, a talent that has seen the guys garner many Guinness World Records!

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Finished Jun 23, 2023


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Great Show

My son and I actually had a really great time. We had no expectations. They did all their great segments that kids would like to see. What else are we going to see from them. They mixed it up. Yes there were videos but all concerts have them. Maybe some more trick shots would have been nice but they really did a mix and got the crowd involved as well. Lots of young kids there who have short attention spans lol. We had a great time. My socially anxious kid was literally dancing in his seat being totally involved showing me how to use my phone to get the voting done. Not sure what people expected they aren't singers they performed their show live for their fans to see live. Yes it would have been nice to see them.more but tbh I wasn't thinking that while there. Great job guys really enjoyed the show and really enjoy your channel. Thanks.for coming to Canada. Glad you found ketchup chips and all dressed chips 😁. ... Read more

Dena Curtis

Yes, we would go again!!

Dude Perfect has a special place in our family! They have inspired and entertained us for over 8 years. We knew exactly what we were buying into when we purchased the tickets and we were not disappointed. As a matter of fact, I think it was more than we expected! I read the negative reviews, and I think those people just did not know the heart of Dude Perfect or what their ‘gig’ is. We LOVED seeing the guys in person (we were eye level with them when they were on stage) and seeing some of their best videos on the huge screen. If you had been there, you would have heard the huge roar and ovation when they played the video of the basketball hitting the hoop from the top of the building in Las Vegas! It was one of the best DP moments of the past year; all those DP fans in one place got to share it! Like I said, people who get the DP product, LOVED IT and will come again! #IYKYK ... Read more


Dude Perfect review

My 8 year old son and I are the biggest Dude Perfect fans ever. As a Christian woman I truly appreciate their love of Jesus and how they were led to share about Jesus at the end of their show. We loved the show, however; I felt like their were too many videos and videos that we've already seen at home a 100 times. I understand that they have to change out the stage. I would've loved to have seen more from the guys. The battles were so very quick. If you blink you miss something. These tickets were expensive. So I wasn't expecting to see the same clips that we have watched at home over and over. Seeing those clips would be fine if it was counteracted with some major batteling. Like I said, the battles were so quick and before you blink another clip on the big screen would be showing. This is meant as positive feedback. The show was very enjoyable. You all did a great job. It just felt like we didn't see much of you guys. We want to see all 5 of you. It was also great seeing Cody bring his daughter out at the end. We had a blast y'all! Keep up the great work. It was a pleasure and and honor to see you all live. There aren't a lot of great role models on You Tube, but you all have nailed that catagory and also the baddest of the baddest trick shots and comedy. My son loves to point out all of the Jesus things in your videos, whether it's Panda throwing a Bible onto a shelf perfectly or noticing a picture on the wall of one of your homes. We appreciate all of you, your wives, your children, your time, your energy, and the respect that you show to all of your followers. We pray for y'alls safety for the remainder of the tour. We also pray for hearts to be open to accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior through your witnessing. Thank you for the time of our lives last night! God bless you all! With love, Brooke and Levi!!! ... Read more


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